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Papillon de nuit

also known as Francine Romano...

 I believe art and creativity are all around us, and it lies within us all naturally. Therefore it was inevitable that my passion and career would be art-driven. Ever since I can remember, I've been drawing, writing, and imagining many different creations. As a little girl imagining opening up flower shops and conceptualizing the name, the look and the feel inevitably, as I look back, I can understand why visual identity really ignites passion within my love for graphic design. 

As a teenager, I would walk my school's hallways with a pink digital camera, videotaping and capturing everyday life as a form of inspiration, and I love features capturing humanity. I would spend hours in the media rooms creating films, sculptures, airbrushing, developing film in the darkroom and branding our school's very first movie festival. 

Stories hold an endearment for me. Offering the world different ways to deliver the stories we come across is a delight to my soul. 

On this journey of creativity, I've had the honour to come across other outstanding creatives, helping bring their stories to life. Freelancing as a Graphic Designer, Journalist, and Videographer on live to tape television shows for MaTv.

Recently, I spent the last year writing a television series, 


Logo design is truly a magical process, especially when working with soultrepreneurs. The heart of one's business. I am always emotional and overjoyed when one is in love with the logo we create together. 

Lucky for me, I get to work with the best partner a lady can ask for, my ride or die, Milo Valentino. We are nomadic when we work; we tend to chase the sun. Wherever the light beams through, that is where you'll find us. Whenever I hop on a Zoom call, he automatically throws himself front and Center of the screen; he steals the show. Before COVID 19 he would sit on all my client's laps; he's a true PAWsitive team leader! 

I am eager for what is in store for my next chapter; I adore looking back on the projects created in the past and love breathing at the moment, past, present and future, which helps feed my creativity!




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